• Yörükoğlu Tic. Tur. Kuy. Petr. Ltd. Şti the origin; The company was founded in 1970 and worked in the automotive industry and household appliances.
  • In 1990, with the participation of the company Nile Hotel, the number of companies engaged in the sale of household appliances, working in the automotive industry and tourism has increased to three.
  • In 1997, the company Yörükoğlu Ticaret Turizm Kuy. Petr. İnş. Ltd. Şti was officially issued.
  • Developing the volume of our business in tourism and hotel management in parallel in Manavgat on the beach in 2005, the 5-star Grand Hotel Art Side was built. As a result of a breakthrough in business in a short period in 2009, the 5-star Adalya Resort Hotel opened, and in 2013 the 5-star Adalya Ocean Hotel was opened, thus the Adalya Hotels Group was formed.
  • In 2016, at the request of our company in the Kundu region, another Adalya Elite Lara hotel was opened and added to our group.
  • At the moment Yörükoğlu Tic. Tur. Kuy. Petr. Ltd. Şti. Continues to engage in tourism and works only as a hotel management company.
  • Our goal in time and in full in all our hotels is to support a business concept based on our quality policy.
  • All the work and activities of the trading company Yörükoğlu Tic. Tur. Kuy. Petr. Ltd. Şti has found its natural reflection in the quality management system, is the owner of all hotel documentation and continues to work in this direction.
  • These events fit into the short 20-year period of time, which confirms the correctness of our principles and skills in management.
  • Our group "Optional Service" philosophically approached the opening of Adalya Elite Lara Hotel, the hotel is working for 12 months on an ultra all inclusive system. Our hotel is built on 45 acres of land, it consists of 606 rooms, in total, about 1348 beds. On the territory of the hotel for relaxation is a spa, an amusement park, a water park and a games room, and other types of outdoor activities and entertainment for the safe transfer of leisure activities with the family.
  • General quality philosophy as a model of professional management, creative ideas, disciplined and systematic work, a young and dynamic team together with Turkish hospitality and conveniently oriented principles of working with guests, promoting employment, attracting qualified workforce together to contribute to the economy of Antalya, with the family Under the name Adalya Elite Lara Hotel, we strive to achieve quality and reliability.